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Punta Vicente Roca

One of the most unique and beautiful dive sites in the Galapagos, it is located on the North eastern coast of Isabela Island

Punta Vicente Roca is a sloping wall with several small caves off of Isabela Island. This site reaches a max depth of 88 feet (27 meters). It is one of the coldest dive spots in the Galapagos. While the wall is covered in invertebrates ranging from frogfish to seahorses, the real attraction are the ocean sunfish, mola mola.

The area is packed with enormous biodiversity ranging from reef fish, stingrays, manta rays, Port Jackson sharks, Pacific green sea turtles, marine iguanas, Galápagos fur sea lions, sea lions, Galapagos bullhead sharks, white-tipped reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, penguins and many more.

Depth m/ft


Visibility m/ft


Water Temperature C/F


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