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For the Oceans Foundation

San Jose, Costa Rica

Region Active

Central America



Marine pollution, Ghost fishing, Ocean debris, Protection of marine life, Marine conservation awareness and education, Sea turtle protection, Sustainable fishing, Ecotourism


For the Oceans Foundation is a community-based organization focused on improving their environment, including the oceans. They organize fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for volunteers engaged in the projects. The projects include the following: Ambassadors for the Ocean which promotes the protection of the Eastern Pacific’s Marine Biological Corridor in the areas between Coco´s Island and Thermal Dome (Costa Rica), Coiba Island (Panama), Malpelo Island (Colombia) and the Galapagos Archipelago (Ecuador) – for this their partner NGO the Ocean Voyages Institute is providing our first vessel; Removal of plastic waste and ghost nets from the ocean; Responsible tourism and sustainable fishing; and combatting the consumption of sea turtle eggs.

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