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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

The SeaCleaners


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Marine pollution, Plastic pollution research, Conservation technology

The Sea Cleaners work on solutions against marine plastic pollution on land and at sea. They are ‘fighting on all fronts: awareness and prevention, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the transition to a circular economy, and the collection of waste on land and at sea.’ They collect floating plastic waste in high concentration areas before it sinks or breaks down into microplastics, and develop innovative collection and reuse solutions of plastic waste in the sea. They currently have a vessel, the Mobula 8 which collects macro- and micro-waste for pollution control and research, and are currently developing The Manta, a giant sailing boat/factory ship capable of collecting, processing and recovering large quantities of marine plastic waste. Their mission also includes scientific research and awareness raising against plastic pollution, encouraging volunteers worldwide to join clean-up operations in calm and protected waters - port and lake areas, mangroves, rivers, canals and the sea up to 5 miles from the coast.

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