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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East



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Environmental service company



Marine vegetation, Seaweed, Climate change

SeaForester is an environmental impact company dedicated to restoring the forgotten forests in our ocean, by developing sea forestation projects with coastal communities and providing training to local partners, and at the same time organizing project funding to finance sea forestation in targeted areas. They test and optimise sea forestation techniques and monitoring approaches, drive technology development, and gather data on ecosystem services. Their particular solution involves ‘green gravel’, whereby seaweed spores are seeded onto small stones and scattered into the ocean. The stones latch on to the underlying reef, the seaweed grows and multiplies, spreading across the ocean floor. They are also engaged in create awareness, assist in local education and communicate global sea forestation efforts. 2022 Finalist for The Earthshot Prize

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