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Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Pelagos Sanctuary

Santuario Pelagos, Pelagos Sanctuary of Mediterranean Marine Mammals


Region Active

Europe, Mediterranean

Governmental organization




Marine conservation, Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine research, Cetaceans, Dolphins, Whales, Marine protected areas

Pelagos Sanctuary is a Protected Area for marine mammals between France, Italy and Monaco. The Sanctuary is a marine area of 87,500 sq. km; a rough estimate lists more than 8,500 macroscopic animal species representing between 4 % and 18 % of global marine species, a remarkable biodiversity. The large mammals include cetaceans, specifically whales and dolphins, and seals. Within this area, research is conducted. Their role in educating the public and raising awareness of the conservation issues facing marine life is evident in the website, with information about strandings networks, the threats posed by human activity, amongst others.

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