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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Guardians of the Deep

South Africa

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Marine conservation awareness and education

Founded in June 2019, Guardians of the Deep runs Environmental Education Programmes for children which include the Guardians Curriculum and the Chacma Champions Holiday Programme. Through MasiCORP, they are running the Guardians of the Deep curriculum for students from Ukhanyo Primary and Masiphumelele High schools, and are now also offering the curriculum at Kleinberg Primary School in Ocean View. Partnering with Surf Outreach in Muizenberg, they introduced the world beneath the waves to the surfers that ride them. Blending science, art and storytelling, the students are empowered to explore the ocean from its multi-coloured rock pools to its darkest depths while learning about the lives of the uniquely awesome creatures making it their home. Through this exploration and discovery, students realise the importance of the environment and how our choices are key in bringing about the change much-needed to conserve the natural world.

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