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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

DMAD Marine Mammals Research Association

Turkey, Montenegro

Region Active






Marine research, Marine conservation awareness and education, Dolphins, Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea

DMAD 's stated goal is ‘to raise both scientific and public awareness, to identify and locate habitat problems and to implement the actions needed in order to conserve the marine biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean.’ DMAD mainly works scientifically on marine mammals. They currently have seven different projects running across three different countries, with the two main target areas being the Eastern Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. They engage with public by supporting citizen science and ecological awareness, including volunteer programmes which involves joining their researchers and scientists along the Adriatic coasts of Montenegro and Albania or in the Levantine and Aegean Seas around Turkey. They are the founders of SANCET (Southern Adriatic Network of Cetacean, Elasmobranch and Turtle Standing). Montenegro Dolphin Research is also one of their projects.

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