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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Breathe Conservation

South Africa

Region Active


Non-profit NGO



Marine pollution, Plastic pollution, Ocean cleanups, Beach cleanups

Breathe Conservation aims to promote ocean conservation, working on initiatives to educate and take action on sustainable conservation solutions. This includes drawing attention to the problem of marine plastic pollution. Their educational focus is on schools, predominantly primary schools. Amongst other campaigns, they organize monthly reef clean ups at Vetchies beach in Durban where the public ‘interact with marine life and see first hand the damage that plastic pollution has on our marine life.’ Their current project, with star swimmer Sarah Ferguson, One Ocean Swim: Durban to Cape Town, is aimed at highlighting the need for conservation of the oceans. Other initiatives include new programmes such as their Marine Guide Development project starting in June 2022 supported by Oceans Alive.

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