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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Blue Seas Protection

UK and Iceland

Region Active






Marine conservation awareness and education, Protection of marine life, Marine pollution, Plastic pollution, Beach cleanups, Marine debris, Advocacy, Sustainable fishing, Ghost gear

Blue Seas Protection is a marine conservation charity with the multiple missions of addressing climate and environmental issues, political campaigning, education and awareness about marine conservation, and direct action, working at all levels, from global and national Government campaigns, to local "boots on the ground" community projects. Their main activities are aimed at: Combatting overfishing (via advocacy, the Seaspiracy petition, and working with local fisheries), combatting marine pollution (via their Operation Sea Sweep programme and beach cleanups), education and awareness (via their SharkLab programme and outreach), the protection of marine species (including their BSP Marine Mammal Medics for local incidents), and their Marine Crime Watch monitoring and reporting system.

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