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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization



Region Active





Marine research, Protection of marine life, Cetaceans, Manatees, Megafauna, Sustainable fishing, Marine conservation awareness and education

AMMCO’s mission is to contribute to the protection of the aquatic megafauna and their habitats in Central Africa by improving the scientific knowledge of the area, and involving fishers and other stakeholders into sustainable fisheries and responsible watershed-use. The four strategies they have adopted include applied research and monitoring, integrated management, awareness and capacity building. In practice this involves conservation of the aquatic megafauna b: Protection, Restoration, Good local governance, Community-based conservation, Alternative livelihood and Advocacy. They aim to develop the advanced skills and experience required in aquatic research, achieved by providing internship, mentorship, and workshops to students and fishermen frequently.

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