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1000 Steps

Perfect place for spotting pelagics, dense corals and sponges

This is a shore dive. For its unusual name, 1000 Steps has to thank the limestone stairs linking the tarred road above to the pebbly beach. It is something of a misnomer as there are in fact only 67 steps; however, while climbing back up to the road after a dive, in full gear, it feels like 1000 steps (at least).

After a relatively short swim from the pebbly beach, there is a shallow shelf at about 6 meters (20 feet) that is covered with gorgonians and other soft corals, as well as elkhorn and staghorn. Amongst many others, schools of snappers inhabit the shallower reef.

The edge of the shelf is at around 11 meters (35 feet) and has some large mountainous star coral heads along its crest. The slope descends rather steeply to a sandy bottom at about 46 meters (150 feet). Coral and sponge cover on the slope is dense, with huge stacks of plate corals. The site is noted for its spectacular star coral formations and massive amounts of marine life. It is a great place to spot turtles.

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