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Great Barrier Reef/Ribbon Reef

The Great Barrier Reef spans more than 2000 kilometers (1250 miles) and comprises of some 2000 individual reefs and 71 coral islands

Cod Hole
Cod Hole is on the northern end of Ribbon Reef No. 10 in the World Heritage protected Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, in North Queensland, Australia.

The main attraction of diving the Cod Hole is huge potato bass that can be seen in large numbers. Other common residents of the Cod Hole include flowery cod, humphead maori wrasse, white-tipped reef sharks, several varieties of sweetlips and anemonefish (clownfish), red bass, green turtles, star fish and feather stars, titan triggerfish, puffer fish and more. Sometimes coral trout, sweetlips and trevally can be encountered as well. Coral walls and bommies (coral reef outcrop) draped with hard and soft corals are spectacular and provide home for sea anemones, blue star fish, and damsels. Depths vary from about 15 to 32 meters (50 to 100 feet).

Cod Hole is also home to Shark Alley. White tipped and grey reef sharks are plentiful on this dive site.

Steve’s Bommie Dive Site
Steve’s Bommie is a dive site located at Ribbon Reef No. 3. The bommie rises from the depth of around 30 meters (98 feet) up to just 5 meters (16 feet) below the surface. The dive sites attract schools of bigeye trevally, barracuda, yellow-lined snapper, Moses’ perch, yellow-lined goatfish and many others. Large populations of nudibranchs, flatworms, pipefish, scorpionfish, anemones, lionfish, mantis shrimps and other small sea life are always present here.

Snake Pit Dive Site
The Snake Pit is located inside the Ribbon Reefs, close to Lizard Island. This dive site is well known for spotting olive sea snakes. Although highly venomous, they are quite passive and pose little threat to divers. There are two large bommies at the Snake Pit in depths ranging from 10 to 30 meters (32 to 98 feet) with beautiful drop-offs descending to flat sand and coral gardens. Marine life is plentiful at this site. Maori wrasse, sweetlips, reef sharks, stingrays, turtles, coral trout, barracuda, gropers, cuttlefish, snapper, batfish and numerous titan triggerfish can be seen here in numbers.

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