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Rocky Island

Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute


2796 Overseas Highway, Marathon, FL 33050, USA

Region Active

Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, North America

Non-profit NGO



Marine conservation awareness and education, Conferences, Sustainable fishing, Coral reef monitoring, Marine protected areas, Fisheries management, Marine pollution


The GCFI is a non-profit organization that works throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region, renowned for their annual meetings since 1947, actively promoting the exchange of information on the use and management fo marine resources in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. GCFI has worked for over 2 decades on developing coral-reef marine protected areas networks in the Caribbean and has developed the capacity of MPAs and their managers. They work together with multiple organizations, including UNEP and NOAA, to address issues in the area, including marine litter, sustainable fisheries, coral reef monitoring, amongst many others.

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