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Rocky Island

Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Blue Frontier Campaign

Washington, DC, USA

Region Active

North America

Non-profit group



Education, Conservation of marine and coastal diversity


With a network of grassroots individual citizen activists, the Blue Frontier Campaign works towards the improvement of ocean policies in the 23 coastal states of the United States. According to Blue Frontier Campaign, the mission of the initiative is to construct the solution-oriented citizen engagement required to save our ocean, coasts and the communities. The initiative conducts regional meetings, public education campaigns and publishes books to achieve their goal. The campaign was founded by award-winning author and journalist David Helvarg in 2003. Blue Frontier works to support seaweed (marine grassroots) efforts at the local, regional and national level, with an emphasis on bottom up organizing to bring the voice of citizen-activists into national decision-making that will impact our public seas.

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