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Brissare Rocks

The occasionally strong current brings some big pelagic visitors, including stingrays, barracudas, sea turtles, and a variety of reef sharks

The Brissaire Rocks dive site features an interesting underwater formation between the two tiny islands, which amount to mere granite rocks, located in the open ocean approximately halfway between the main island of Mahé and Praslin Island.

The site is virtually smothered in fire coral and is home to countless species of fish, including eagle rays, barracudas, hawksbill turtles, large moray eels and numerous shoals of red snappers and wrasse. There are also large patches of staghorn corals providing cover for other reef fish. Nurse sharks are a regular occurrence. Whale sharks can be seen from October through December.

Currents and strong winds can sometimes make this site inaccessible.

Depth m/ft


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