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Centro Studi Cetacei

CRTM "Luigi Cagnolaro" via Di Sotto 18/2 - 65125 Pescara

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Research centre



Cetaceans, Turtles, Cetacean conservation, Protection of whales dolphins and porpoises.


The CSC was established in 1985 as a research group belonging to the Italian Society of Natural Sciences based at the Natural History Museum of Milan. One of the most important aims was to bring together all the Italian researchers and Institutions concerned with cetaceans, encouraging cooperation and studies in this field, and today has a sizable membership. The main project carried out by CSC is a national stranding network that collects data and samples from Cetaceans found stranded or beached along the Italian coasts. Amongst other work, the CSC intervenes in cases where sea turtles and cetaceans become entangled in fishing nets or beach, whether they are alive or dead. The "Luigi Cagnolaro" Recovery and Rehabilitation Center in Pescara is managed by the staff of the CSC and assists all mammals that require assistance and care, before releasing them into the sea, tagged for study

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