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Waterproof W1 5mm wetsuit review. Pure Scandinavian masterpiece

Updated: May 23, 2022

In my recent search for a new 5mm wetsuit I came across the front-zip W1 from Swedish dive suits manufacturer Waterproof Diving International AB. I was familiar with the Waterproof brand, but I had never used any of their products. My first attempt to purchase the W1 ended in disappointment as none of the European Waterproof dealers could deliver within what was for my required timeframe. So I decided to try one of the dealers in Waterproof’s country of origin – Sweden.

Scuba Divers Göteborg Dräktverkstad & Dykcenter could not have been more helpful. Anders answered all my questions regarding the wetsuit, and he even offered to collect it himself from the Waterproof factory to speed up the delivery time. And he lived up to his promise. The wetsuit arrived precisely as agreed.

And what a wetsuit it is. I learned that with its first appearance on the international stage, this technically advanced suit was awarded one of the most prestigious design awards in the world: the Red Dot Design Award. It is constructed of 100% Microcell CR Neoprene with durability and insulation in mind. Waterproof used the 3D technology to produce pre-bent arms and legs, allowing for maximum anatomical fit. The knee sections allow for unrestricted leg movement due 3D moulded vulcanised rubber kneepads. In the hollow of arms and legs the wave flex panels provide additional comfort in movement.

Waterproof in their W1 5mm wetsuit focused on protection and comfort. The W1 features an 11mm thick spine support with a contoured design, which offers additional protection to key areas such as the kidneys and spine. Generous double seals made from glide skin neoprene with zipper at arms and legs are fantastic and make donning and doffing the suit very easy. YKK #10 Vislon zipper features a TA slider with an anti-slip designed ZipGrip work effortlessly and confirm the W1’s overall durability.

The WaterDam concept, developed by Waterproof, stops water from streaming down the back of the neck when a diver moves his head. There is also an opening positioned at the side of the neck to enhance comfort and flexibility for the neck. I really appreciate the serious attention to design features such as two computer retainers, a collar zip for comfort on the surface, and anti-slip reinforcements on the seat and shoulders.

The W1’s science-fiction exterior prompted some comments about the Matrix movies, which I enjoyed a lot, all the while feeling incredibly comfortable, snug and warm.

The craftsmanship of the suit is really second to none. The high-tech materials used in the W1 are perhaps a little bit less stretchy than in some other comparable suits, but they do not hamper comfort and thermal capabilities.

The pairing of Waterproof Diving International AB and Scuba Divers Göteborg Dräktverkstad & Dykcenter was an excellent find and a winning combination for me.

Note: Scubavox is not endorsed by, affiliated with, maintained, sponsored by, or in any way connected with Waterproof Diving International AB or Scuba Divers Göteborg Dräktverkstad & Dykcenter.

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