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Three dive computers you should avoid

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

1. The dive computer with features you think you need over the ones you actually need

Manufacturers of dive computers release new models on a regular basis, and it is very tempting to acquire the latest and greatest, which is how the new releases are always promoted.

But think for a moment what you really need in your dive computer. What are the most useful features applicable to your kind of diving? If you are not planning to enter the world of technical diving in the near future, it is unlikely that you will need a computer with gas switching capabilities or ultra-deep ratings, or a computer that can handle multiple gas pressure transmitters. Think hard whether you really need to buy the latest tech. It might be more sensible to perfect your competencies with the existing gear, utilizing all its features to the full, and save yourself a bundle of money in the process. Even if being sensible all the time is rather boring.

1. The computer you cannot afford

I guess that it happens to all of us. You are looking at a dive computer that probably has everything what you need and sits quite well within your budget. Then you discover one that is newer, has more features and promises more and better, and then, you see another… each one costs just a little bit more, and before you know it you are looking at a dive computer that is totally out of your budget. You might even start thinking of finding a way to pay for this great new piece of gear. This is the point at which you should take a break. There is always going to be gear that is a little bit more expensive than what you saved up for. Resist the temptation of overcommitting yourself. Scuba diving should be relaxing.

1. The computer someone else tells you to buy

All the great advertising, expert opinions, and user reviews of the equipment you have selected, can lead to information overload that might not be helpful when making a buying decision.

You find a computer that you really like. You love the design. You love the brand. You watch review after review to confirm your thoughts. Suddenly there is some guy who thinks that this particular model and/or brand is a waste of money and tells you to buy something different. Sometimes such comments can be so convincing that you start questioning your selection. Don’t buy a dive computer just because of someone tells you to, or reject one based on a negative comment or two. Opinions of other people are merely opinions of other people. Trust your judgement based verified information and your individual needs.

For information that could help you decide, check out our Scubavox Dive Computers page


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