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Kimbe Bay

Kimbe Bay is an important biodiversity hotspot. 60 percent of the coral species of the entire Indo-Pacific region live here

Kimbe Bay
The area is known for its stunning coral formations and boasts a huge diversity of marine life, from dolphins, sharks and whales to very large numbers of small invertebrates. Awesome fact: around sixty to seventy percent of all Indo-Pacific marine species can be found in Kimbe Bay. The reefs rises from approx. 600 meters (1800 feet).

North Emma
North Emma is a large coral bommie that rises from huge depths and reaches to within about 12 meters (40 feet) of the surface. North Emma has the main reef, with ridges connecting this reef via a coral bridge at around 30 meters (130 feet) to deeper, outlying pinnacles. Hammerheads are common here, and at times numerous scalloped hammerheads have been seen here as well. The slope descending into the abyss is covered with soft and hard corals, and giant sponges. Schools of barracudas, trevallies and batfish are always circling around.

Bradford Shoals
Bradford Shoal is an impressive volcanic seamount with an enormous amount of sea life. Colourful hard corals sit at around 20 meters (70 feet). This remote pinnacle serves as a gathering point for pelagic big fish like batfish, big-eye trevallies, and unicorn fish.

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