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Malapascua Island

Diving on Malapascua island north of Cebu is famous mostly for the pelagic thresher sharks

Malapascua is a little island north of Cebu. The site is well known for the most consistent sightings of thresher sharks in the world. The reefs around the island are home to other large and small sea creatures such as whitetip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks (December - May), manta rays (winter-spring), devil rays, mandarin fish, pygmy seahorses, blue ringed octopus, ornate ghost pipefish, frogfish, blue ringed octopus and a huge variety of nudibranchs and shrimps.

Dona Marilyn
Dona Marilyn wreck is 100 meter (330 feet) long, and lies intact at a depth of between 18 and 33 meters (108 feet) on its starboard side. It sank during a typhoon in 1988 with considerable loss of life. The site is home to a lot of healthy coral and larger pelagic life.

Gato Island
There is a 30 meters (98 feet) swim-through tunnel below Gato Island which is home to multiple white-tip reef sharks.

Kimud Shoal
This site is a sunken island with a top depth of 12-16 meters (39-52 feet) and a drop off that goes well below 200 meters (656 feet). Large schools of hammerheads (up to 200 individuals) can be seen here.

Depth m/ft

5 - >40/16->131

Visibility m/ft

5 - 25/16-82

Water Temperature C/F

26 - 29/79-84

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