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Apo Reef Natural Park

Apo Reef is the largest coral reef in the Philippines. It spreads over an area of 34 square kilometres (21 square miles), making it the second largest connecting coral reef in the world

Apo Reef Natural Park is the second UNESCO World Heritage site reef in the Philippines. It is a second largest connecting coral reef in the world, and the largest in the Philippines.

This site is also known as Barracuda Hill. This large seamount rises to 25 meters (82 feet) below sea level and offers some unique sightings. Large numbers of barracuda are often seen as well as manta rays, tuna, groupers and many more. At greater depths large numbers of reef sharks can be seen, and manta rays. Sometimes hammerheads and thresher sharks can be spotted as well. This dive is not recommended for inexperienced divers.

This is a wall dive. Huge numbers of bumperhead parrotfish, jacks, barracudas, snappers, big-eye trevally and blue-dash fusiliers can be seen here.

Southeast Point
This site is home to schools of surgeonfish and jacks, plus some sizeable groupers and tunas. Manta rays and mobula rays are regularly encountered here.

North Wall
At this point the reef descends into an abyss. In the shallow parts many reef fish are present including damselfish, butterflyfish and batfish as well as a variety of surgeonfish species. Thresher sharks and hammerheads can be seen in the deeper parts of the reef.

Depth m/ft

5 - 40/16-131

Visibility m/ft


Water Temperature C/F

26 - 29/79-84

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