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Yap Island

Yap is world-famous for its large population of resident manta rays

Yap consists of four separate islands, Yap Island proper (Marbaq), Maap, Rumung and Gagil-Tamil, which all have relatively narrow water expanses between them, and all surrounded by a coral reef.

Two major channels cut through the reef allowing tidal water to flow in and out of the lagoon twice a day. Mill Channel is host to some incredible soft corals and is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
Goofnuw Channel has plenty of beautiful hard corals. It is also home to many different kind of sharks, including the white tip, and sometimes the mobula ray can be seen there as well.

Most of the reefs of Yap are outer barrier reef with a beautiful variety of hard corals of about 400 species.

There are about 50 dive sites around Yap consisting of shallow reefs, wall dives, even double walls, drift sites and caverns. The northern dive sites in Yap are where the best manta dives are, while at the south the best wall dives can be found.

Manta Ray Bay
This name is given to a lagoon between the islands of Yap, Rumung and Maap. Going across the channel at about 9 meters (30 feet) deep is a coral ridge. Along this ridge are a number of cleaning stations which attract manta rays and other pelagics.

Yap Corner
The top of the reef sits at only 6 meters (20 feet) and the wall drops to over 100 meters (328 feet). Oceanic grey sharks and white tip sharks come up from the deep to cruise the wall and reef looking for food. Schools of eagle rays and barracuda are also found here.

Grey and black tip reef sharks are always present at this dive site. Sometimes bigger species can be seen here including tiger sharks, silky and silvertips.

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