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1025 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC, USA

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Non-profit group



Marine policy, Advocacy, Marine animal conservation and rehabilitation, conservation of marine and coastal diversity, Protection of marine life, Pollution of the sea


Oceana is a Washington D.C based ocean conservation and advocacy organisation committed to save and restore oceans through targeted policy campaigns. Founded in 2001, Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization exclusively working for the conservation of ocean. The organisation carries out targeted campaigns to prevent the collapse of fish populations, marine mammals and other damages to sea life resulted from industrial fishing and pollution. As part of its campaigns, Oceana is involved in efforts to end major sources of ocean pollution such as oil, mercury, aquaculture and shipping emissions. In addition, the organisation also campaigns for the protection of vulnerable places in the oceans, including the Arctic, the Aleutian Islands, the Mediterranean and Chile's Juan Fernandez Islands, among others. With a local presence in many countries around the world, it is truly global in its reach. Individual records exist in this database for its operations in US, Europe, Chile, Canada, Belize, Philippines, Brazil, Peru and Mexico.

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