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Mørkved 8031, BODØ Norway

Region Active:




Plastic pollution, Fishing gear, Ghost gear, Recycling products, Redesigning plastic


Nofir recycles discarded equipment from fishing industry and fish farming industry all over Europe and beyond. They collect the material, such as fishing nets, ropes, and tarpaulins from various sites, including fish farms and recycling facilities. The material is transported to their factories in Lithuania and in Turkey, where it is dismantled and recycled, producing new products like socks, furniture, carpets, swimsuits, baskets etc. This is both resource-friendly, and also reduces the amount of ghost gear in the oceans. In 2012 Nofir received EU funds for a project to establish a European system for collecting and recycling discarded equipment from the fishing and fish farming industry. Their business has expanded to 20 countries around the world.

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