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65 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, GU1 4RD, UK

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Conservation, Marine conservation, Funding of projects, Cetaceans, Coral reefs, Mangroves, Sustainable fishing, Plastic pollution


Ark2030 is on a mission 'to restore the 500 million hectares of ecosystems destroyed by mankind since the beginning of the industrial revolution'. A strategic and collaborative approach, working with specialist partners around the world, Ark2030 has developed funding models for environmental restoration programmes. They invest in the companies that are working to restore the natural world. Included in their sights are: Cleaning up the Ganges, restoring the global whale population, targeting plastic pollution in the oceans and on land, improving island eco-systems, developing mangrove plantations, protecting and restoring the Great Barrier Reef and other coral restoration programmes such as Coralive's Maldives project.

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