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AIDA : InterAmerican Association for Environmental Defense

50 California St., Suite 500, San Francisco, CA, 94111; Atlixco 138, Colonia Condesa, Mexico City, 06140 Mexico

Region Active:

Central America, Latin America




Marine conservation, Advocacy, Protection of marine life, Sustainable fishing, Marine policy and law, Litigation


AIDA is a pioneer organization working on environmental protection in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities and critically endangered habitats. Established in 1998, AIDA uses the law and science to protect sensitive ecosystems and communities suffering from environmental harm, primarily in Latin America. Marine projects they are involved in include campaigning to end subsidies which promote overfishing, protection of species which are important for coral reefs, protecting the ocean from threats such as mining and overdevelopment of shores. Active in: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, USA.

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