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Lhaviyani Atoll

Barracudas and tunas are present most of the time as well as reef sharks and Napoleon wrasse, and there are two wrecks

Lhaviyani Atoll
Lhaviyani Atoll diving is typified by deep channels called kandus that funnel supersized wildlife such as reef mantas in from the open ocean. One of the region’s most famous channels, Felivaru Kandu, is well known for its visiting reef manta rays, and other big fish sightings. The currents can be very fast moving and at times challenging.

On the western rim of the atoll, close to Felivaru Island, there are two shipwrecks. The protruding bow of Skipjack I, which sank in here during a storm in 1980, is a focal point in the area. The second wreck was sank purposely and is home to numerous fish and large soft corals.

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