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Felidhoo Atoll

The perfect place for seeing whale sharks, manta rays, large groupers, whitetip reef sharks, tunas, and Napoleon wrasse

Felidhu/Felidhoo (or Vaavu) Atoll comprises of 19 isles, the smallest and among the least commercialised atolls in the Maldives.

The atoll features Fotteyo Falhu - the largest unbroken barrier reef in the area. The reef is 50 km (31 miles) long and is at the easternmost point of the Maldives archipelago. There are numerous shark dive sites located in heavy currents. Grey reef and white tip reef sharks are quite common, and hammerheads can be also occasionally spotted. From May to July manta rays come in large numbers and whale sharks can be seen as well.

Fotteyo Kandu is considered by some to be amongst the best dive sites in the Maldives due to the vast array of marine life that can be found there. The channel is narrow and features swim-throughs, small caves and large overhangs. The drop-off at the channel entrance is covered in colourful soft corals. Titan triggerfish are common here along with grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, tuna and barracuda.

Another highly regarded dive site is Bodu Miyaru Kandu. This site features small caves and numerous overhangs, and there is a sloping section on the left side of the channel covered in hard coral and some soft coral. A variety of marine life, including tuna, large schools of grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, tuna, and Napoleon wrasse can be seen here, as well as many colourful reef fish.

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