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Ari Atoll

This pinnacle has a tumultuous assortment of sea life, with an amazing variety and volume of marine creatures

Ari Atoll
Ari is one of the most visited atolls in the Maldives, which is well served by high quality diving services. Divided into North and South atolls, topographically diving in the Ari Atoll is different from many other areas of the Maldives, as there are not many long lengths of barrier reef. Instead, there are a lot of thilas, where pinnacles, both inside and outside the lagoons, attract a lot of marine life, thus providing excellent diving in and around the tops and inside the kandu (channels).

Kuda Rah Thila is the first nationally protected site in the Maldives and is located in a channel between the two fishing islands of Dangethi and Dhigurah on the southeastern rim of Ari Atoll. Possibly one of the best thilas in the Maldives, it is well known for whale sharks that can be spotted here all year around.

Halaveli Wreck is a purpose-sunk wreck on the northeastern side of Ari. The wreck rests at around 28 meters (92 feet) and is home to stingrays.

Fish Head is located in the northern section of Ari Atoll and is well known for sharks.

Other popular dive sites include Broken Rock, Fesdu Wreck, Five Rocks, Hammerhead Point, Rasdhoo Atoll (also known as Madivaru Corner), Maaya Thila and Omadhoo South.

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