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One of the best diving sites for spotting schools of large pelagic fish

Sipadan is a limestone pinnacle rising from depths of about 600 metres (1969 feet). It is a protected Marine Reserve, resulting in a very healthy reef. It is well known as amongst the best scuba diving destinations to see large schools of big fish. With more than 200 species of fish and over 70 types of corals, in terms of species diversity Sipadan can be compared to Australian Great Barrier Reef.

Barracuda Point
Barracuda Point is invariably rated one of the best dive sites in the world. Featuring a shallow reef top sloping gently down to the northernmost point of the sea mount’s east face, huge shoals of barracudas and reef sharks can be found. Turtles and garden eels are also present in abundance. Strong currents can sometimes be experienced here.

Drop Off
Considered one of the world’s best sites for night dives, shoals of small fish and invertebrates feature on the reef top while over the drop off, huge shoals of large fish circle.

Hanging Gardens
This dive site comprises a shallow crest covered with soft corals and anemones at their best, with macro life to match. Over the drop-off, the wall features plenty of overhangs containing corals, sea fans, black corals and sponges.

Depth m/ft

5 - >40/16->131

Visibility m/ft


Temperature C/F

26 - 30/79-86

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