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Mabul Island

Full of exotic marine life and corals, this island has remarkable diversity of sea life, particularly for the macro diver

Mabul Island offers divers an extraordinary array of dive sites and remarkable diversity of marine life. Mabul has long been known as a macro diver's paradise. It is one of the richest single destinations for exotic small marine life anywhere in the world. Sandy sea-beds, coral outcrops, small walls and artificial reefs and jetties, are all home to some of the seas most amazing little creatures. Visibility is not great here even at the best of times, that being the dry season from March to September; however, since diving here is mostly about the macro life, the poor visibility should not be a deterrent.

Froggie's Lair
It is named after the frogfish that are seen daily along the gradual reef sloping down to 14 meters (46 meters) where it meets the sandy bottom. Besides the resident frogfish, highlights include myriad nudibranchs, leaf scorpion fish, stargazers, banded-pipefish, crocodile fish, as well as streamline barracuda that hover just above the sandy bottom. Pharaoh cuttlefish are commonly seen here, as are octopus and bobtail squids. Visibility can be sometimes challenging.

Seaventure is an old oil rig that is an eyesore on the horizon, but an absolute treasure trove for divers. Among the piles of metal rods on the dive site that varies in depth between 12 and around 17 metres (38 to 56 feet), there are plenty of frogfish in varying hues of red, yellow and black.

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