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Komodo National Park Reserve

Komodo National Park Reserve is close to the world's epicentre for marine diversity

Batu Bolong
This site comprises a pinnacle that lies in 75 metres (246 feet) of water. Hard corals and sponges cover the walls and slopes. The volume of fish and sea creatures here is amazing. Napoleon wrasses, sunfish, mantas, whitetip reef sharks, hawksbill turtles, surgeonfish, giant sweetlips and thousands of small reef fish can be spotted here.
Possibly the most spectacular side of the pinnacle is the north side, which is much steeper than the other gentler sloping sides. It has a small, submerged pinnacle in the north east, and a huge deep gully from the surface down to about 27 meters (88 feet).

Cannibal Rock
Black-blotched stingrays and back snappers are prevalent here as well as yellow-ribbon sweetlips, gold-striped fusiliers. In the deepest section enormous magnificent green and blue anemones can be seen. The purple gorgonian fans look truly gigantic, as some of them are more than 2 metres (7 feet) tall. These fans provide homes to the pygmy seahorses. Green turtles visit as well.

Gili Lawa
Crystal Bommie is a pinnacle that just breaks the surface off the northern side of the 2 small islets to the north of the main island of Komodo. The reef is packed with bronze and rust coloured sponges and soft tree corals. The shallows host thousands of anthias and damselfish, large cuttlefish, pyramid butterflyfish, hawksbill turtles and several red octopus. 1 kilometre (0.7 miles) further north from Crystal Bommie is Castle Rock, another submerged mound. This site is even more exposed to the prevailing Komodo currents. Whitetips, blacktips, grey reef sharks and giant trevally all frequent this site. The fish life is simply stunning with groupers, midnight snappers and frequent schools of fusiliers passing through.

Depth m/ft

5 - >40/16-131

Visibility m/ft

10 - 30/32-98

Water Temperature C/F


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