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Associacao MarBrasil

Avenida Beria Mar 4073, 83255000 Pontal do Parana, PR, Brazil

Region Active

South America




Protection of marine life, Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine protected areas, Marine research, Sustainable fishing


MarBrasil focuses on the conservation and preservation of the marine environment and the sustainable development of the Brazilian coastal area. They run several projects and programmes including in Conservation of endangered species, research for the creation and management of marine and coastal Conservation Units, conservation of marine biodiversity and fisheries resources, education for marine and coastal conservation, and research and technological Innovation for conservation. For example, destructive fishing practices since the 70s have depleted fish stocks in Parana, causing difficulties to communities dependent on the ocean. One of MarBrasil’s programmes – the Programme of Extension and Support to Fishing and Aquaculture (PREAMAR) works to solve these conflicts, by providing training and courses to introduce new technologies for fisheries management of the fishing industry.

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