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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Seaqual Initiative


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Private company



Marine pollution, Plastic pollution, Pollution of the sea, Redesigning plastic

In cooperation with local fishermen, NGOs and volunteers, the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is fishing the plastic out of the ocean as well as cleaning the beaches. Plastic waste is a common by-catch of the local fishing industry and can be used for a good cause. The Seaqual Initiative uses this plastic to produce multifunctional materials. The organization brings together individuals, organizations and companies, to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic and highlight the work being done to solve it. The recovered plastic is cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic at Seaqual Initiative approved facilities, and then returned to industry to be transformed into new, sustainable products. See the website for brand names involved.

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