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Stormy Skies

Marine Conservation organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Blue Marine Foundation



Region Active

Global, Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, South America




Marine conservation, Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine protected areas, Marine vegetation, Protection of marine life, Aquaculture, Sustainable fishing, Advocacy

The aim of Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is 'to combat over-fishing and the destruction of biodiversity – arguably the largest problem facing the world’s oceans – by delivering practical conservation solutions, including the creation of large-scale marine reserves.' This includes sustainable fisheries which will allow fish stocks to recover. Their reach includes the UK, St Helena, Maldives, Aeolian Islands, Ascension Islands, Caspian Sea, Namibia, Patagonia and Tristan da Cunha, amongst others, and includes seagrass revegetation, protection of kelp forests, aquaculture and the blue economy in a drive to protect marine life and the communities dependent on it.

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