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Klein Bonaire

26 pristine scuba diving sites with colored coral gardens brimming with diverse marine life

Southwest Corner
The shallows at this site feature magnificent coral structures and larger than usual staghorn corals. Cleaning stations attract tiger and yellowmouth groupers and golden coneys. Blue tangs, whitespotted filefish, French and queen angelfish are everywhere. The wall that starts at about 12 meters (40 feet) and drops down to sand at 36 meters (120 feet) is completely covered with large gorgonian sea fans, orange sponges, vase sponges, and green and purple sponges. There is an abundance of groupers, black durgons, grunts, snappers, parrotfish, Spanish hogfish, and goatfish. Black corals are present in deeper waters.

The Forest
This site is located to the east from the Southwest Corner. It is well known for its extensive forest of black corals. Elkhorn corals, sea fans and other gorgonians and sponges compete for space in the shallow waters. Here the wall starts at 12 meters (40 feet). It is home to scrawled and whitespotted filefish, snappers and porcupine pufferfish, amongst others. Below 15 meters (50 feet) hugely impressive elephant ear sponges can be found.

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