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Raja Ampat island

Marine Conservation organizations in Asia, Australasia and the Pacific region


Yayasan Baileo Maluku

Jl. Ina Tuni Raya I, Maluku Karang Panjang Regional Government Housing Complex, Amantelu Village, Sirimau District, Ambon City 97122, Indonesia

Region Active





Marine conservation awareness and education, Marine protected areas


Baileo is helping to establish marine protected areas (MPAs) off the coast of Haruku, Nusalaut, and Saparua Islands, all small islands in Maluku Province of Indonesia. Baileo is leading communities in data collection, site delineation, and creation of MPA management committees. A key element of the work is the recognition and use of traditional law and practice to establish the MPA. In 2020 they were involved in a biophysical survey on the coast of Nusalaut Island conducted with the support of Blue Ventures (BV) and Full Circle Foundation (FCF). Part of their strategy is for the local indigenous community to develop local practices in sustainable natural resource management.

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