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Rocky Island

Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Coast 2 Coast Movement

Lobitos, Peru

Region Active

South America



Marine conservation awareness and education


Located in Lobitos, Peru, Coast 2 Coast is California-based Beyond the Surface’s participatory audiovisual storytelling arm, though has its own identity as well. Beyond the Surface International (BTSI) works with rural students from small-scale fishing villages using surfing, transmedia storytelling, and mindfulness as Positive Youth Development tools for young learners to grow up resilient and promote social-ecological wellbeing for healthy oceans and people. BTSI collaborates with local partners around the world in marginalized artisanal fishing communities, including public schools, community-based nonprofits, and social welfare centers, facilitating workshops, programs, and festivals for young learners and educators to investigate and imagine wellbeing for sustainable futures. BTSI advocates that ocean conservation is a social, racial, and climate justice issue.

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