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Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Centro de Conservacion Cetacea


Concon, Valparaiso, Chile

Region Active

South America

Non-profit NGO



Cetaceans, Protection of marine life, Marine conservation awareness and education


Centro de Conservación Cetacea is a Chilean non-governmental and non-profit organization leader in the conservation of cetaceans and their aquatic ecosystems. Since its creation in 2001 it has achieved great accomplishments in scientific research, educational programs and conservation policies both in the country and in international forums. CCC objectives are:
- To develop non-lethal research programs on cetaceans and their aquatic ecosystems with special emphasis on threatened species. - To integrate the role of cetaceans in the functioning of marine ecosystems in the decision making process of marine conservation policies.
- To design and propose conservation and protection policies for cetaceans and their aquatic environment.
- To identify and evaluate anthropogenic impacts on cetacean populations in order to propose effective mitigation measures.
- To disseminate scientific information to promote active and informed participation of citizens, social organizations and government institutions in cetacean conservation.
- To strengthen cooperation in marine conservation strategies.

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