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Rocky Island

Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Center for Biological Diversity


Tucson, AZ, USA

Region Active

North America



Protection of endangered species, Activism


Center for Biological Biodiversity has a membership organization with approximately 1.1 million members and online activists, and is known for its work protecting endangered species through legal action, scientific petitions, creative media and grassroots activism. The Center is working to establish crucial protections for Pacific Ocean species and their habitats based on the following rationale: The 'high seas', or 'open ocean', have historically been a no-man's-land, claimed by no single country and not governed by any single body of law; and the sea has been treated as an inexhaustible resource, infinitely deep, wide, and bountiful. But the advent of large-scale commercial fishing, shipping and oil drilling has pushed many species to the brink of extinction and beyond, and the oceans, animals and natural systems are now in serious decline. While their main office is in Arizona, they have bases in many locations in the US, including in Hawaii.

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