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Rocky Island

Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean


Blue Voice

10 Sunfish Drive, St. Augustine, FL, 32080, USA.

Region Active

Global, North America, South America, Asia



Marine conservation awareness and education, Funding of projects, Protection of marine life, Protection of whales dolphins porpoises


Blue Voice is an ocean conservation organization founded in 2000 by Hardy Jones and Ted Danson, with the mission to protect dolphins, whales and other marine mammals, and to raise popular awareness about the plight of the oceans. After Harvey Jones died in 2018, the Hardy Jones Rapid Response Fund was created in his memory as a dedicated fund to support front-line activists and campaigners by the speedy disbursement of funds from time to time. Amongst other activities, they document transgressions against marine life on film. Two countries they have focused on are Peru and Japan.

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