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Rocky Island

Marine Conservation organizations in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Billion Oyster Project

Governors Island 10 South St., Slip 7. New York, NY, USA

Region Active

North America



Marine conservation, Protection of marine life


The mission of this initiative is to restore oyster reefs to New York Harbor through public education. More specifically, Billion Oyster Project aims to replant 1 billion oysters in the harbour by 2035, with the participation of a million New Yorkers. And they are well on their way. So far they have planted 28 million oysters, with the participation of 6,000-plus local students and 9,000-plus volunteers. Their grant will support a citywide symposium for local students to present their research on ecosystems, marine life and water quality in New York Harbor, and on opportunities to make restoration more effective and engage their communities more deeply.

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