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Allen Coral Atlas

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Region Active

North America

Non-profit research



Coral reef monitoring, Coral reef research, Data information systems


The Allen Coral Atlas maps and monitors the world's coral reefs to provide actionable data and a shared understanding of coastal ecosystems. In 2017, the Atlas was developed through a unique international partnership of remote sensing, conservation, and coral ecology experts who harnessed satellite imagery, machine learning, and big data processing to capture the first high-resolution view of the world's coral reefs.
Now, the full suite of Allen Coral Atlas tools provides a comprehensive and unprecedented picture of changes to coral reefs over time, giving scientists, decision-makers, and the reef management community critically important information urgently needed for rapid response and conservation. The Atlas system is instrumental in spatial planning, protected area management, reef restoration, and coastal protection/disaster risk reduction. (Scubavox note: Check out the great maps and videos on their website.)
The Allen Coral Atlas is an international collaborative partnership, managed by Arizona State University, other past and current partners include Planet Labs, The Arizona State University, The University of Queensland’s Remote Sensing Research Centre, the National Geographic Society and Vulcan Inc.

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